Thursday, June 16, 2016

Homosexuals, social engineering, and the military

President Barack Obama declared June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month, and the Defense Department is highlighting the importance of leadership as it celebrates the achievements and sacrifices of LGB service members and LGBT civilians.
The issue isn't really the homosexuals, at most only 3% of the population and you'll always have some in the service: faraway stations mostly with other men and nobody asks you why you never married. So like with Roman Rite Catholic priests (celibacy), you might have more than the general population (with Roman Rite priests it's probably about 6%, double the rate in the general population). It should be at local commanders' discretion: if you behave when on duty, then no problem. No, it's about the social engineering our elite is forcing on everybody else (so that 3% is hyped; far overrepresented), only more so since the military is perfect for that, a government lab. (None of this makes the military better at fighting.) The object is to re-educate/mess up straight people: "gender is just a construct" (including putting girls in combat, defying common sense) and separating sex from both love and kids; a world of good consumers who obey orders with no family but the state. And not all homosexuals act like the elite wants nor want the attention (no stupid identity politics; your orientation isn't the sum of who you are); some are honest about their orientation and never attack traditional Christian teaching, now largely only retained by the Catholic Church.

I think we should have stayed out of World War II (let the Soviets and Nazis cancel each other out, and make a deal with Japan) but the old values (as held by the generation of Americans who fought it) made America the greatest nation the world has seen right after the war. Not that we were perfect (who is?) or founded as Christian (the founding fathers were largely agnostic) but the republic as set up gave the majority's Christian values the freedom to make us great, and made this culturally Protestant land a great home for Catholics and even non-Christians of good will. By the way, those values taught me not to pick on people with problems.

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  1. How I long for "Just Do Your Damn Job" month on base. . .


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