Monday, June 20, 2016

The Orlando massacre and our cathedral

Holy Mass in Remembrance of Orlando Shooting, Sunday, June 19, 2016. Like decent people I'm appalled by the Mohammedan terrorist attack in Orlando, but it was local. Though it seems many of the dead were Catholics, why was our cathedral nearly 1,000 miles away having a big, publicized Requiem (they didn't call it that) for them? It seems more of a secularized, politicized abuse than actual public prayer for our Catholic dead: begging our anti-Catholic overlords not to hit us by implicitly agreeing to blame guns and "homophobia." Also, Catholics don't have "memorial Masses" or Masses "in remembrance of the Orlando shooting." We have public Masses for the repose (Latin requies, -em) of the souls of Catholics. (I think privately a priest may offer Mass for anyone.) We also don't have Requiems on Sunday (because Sunday is a little Easter, about the joy of the Resurrection) but as it was Sunday evening, with the same logic behind Saturday-night Masses (I sometimes go to those), arguably liturgically it was Monday. Probably not a Requiem but a Mass of the Sunday with the intention of offering it for the repose of these dead. Theologically no problem but the publicity here is problematic.

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