Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Orlando terrorist attack

It's about terrorism, not homosexuality or guns. So it's about human suffering and a Christian response; Chick fil-A gets it. So does the people's pro bono candidate (cut straight to the chase — restoring the dignity of blue-collar white men, while keeping culturally incompatible foreigners out), talking sense in this video link. Violent reprisal is exactly what ISIS wants. Don't invade; don't invite.

So why do Hillary Clinton (so corrupt she's a joke; I think the elite will try hard but fail to force her on us) and the rest of the left want to keep importing Mohammedan terrorists? To stick it to conservative Christian men; sure, the left will throw some of their own under the bus. "All for the struggle, comrades."

One detail that brought home to me the human suffering: someone on the scene said the dead's cell phones were constantly ringing; frantic loved ones hoping they were okay.

My Jesus, mercy.

P.S. Christian charity knocked off course: blaming conservative religion. Obviously Bishop Lynch here is not speaking for the church. I understand he's retiring; such churchmen really should find another line of work. More Sixties aftermath: when America assimilated its big Catholic minority, getting most of them to think like a Protestant denomination. Bishop Lynch is a sellout.

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  1. I don't think this is "terrorism" at all. No more than the Dunblane massacre and any other such tragedy involving guns. What this is is a combination of drug-fueled rage (in this case steroids and anti-depressants) and ideology, coming together in a sexually-repressed loner. There is absolutely no evidence that this lunatic had any connexion at all with ISIS. ISIS may claim responsibility for it, much like al-Qaeda did 9/11, but I think we overestimate their reach if we attribute this to them. And in any case, we have to bear in mind that this tragedy (like the Holocaust) has already been hijacked by lobbyists to bolster discrimination laws. Thanks to the Anti-Defamation League Roman Catholics can't use the traditional prayer for the Jews on Good Friday in the Old Rite. How long, I wonder, before priests can't preach against sodomy from the pulpit because of this shooting?

    The wages of sin is death...


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