Monday, June 20, 2016

To an English friend: Why I'm on board the Trump train

I do not consider Trump a fit candidate for the US Presidency.
I never claimed Trump is perfect; after all, only a couple of years ago he agreed with all of the left's platitudes. This candidacy is about the movement, a popular one, more than the man, though he would (will) make a serviceable president. Americans are getting fed up and buying fewer of the left's lies. (Sanders' movement is a popular protest too; good but they don't understand economics.) Humanly speaking, it's now our only hope in this country. As for the Mohammedans, the same thing is happening in both our countries, though it's probably affecting Britain more as Britain is smaller: the left is importing these people precisely to destroy the old, Christian Britain and America. No matter that the Mohammedans want to kill them too; the left thinks it's worth throwing some of their own under the bus. (They just blame guns and conservative Christians anyway, though last time I checked, American gun enthusiasts, Catholics, and evangelicals weren't shooting up nightclubs.) The Mohammedans are picking a fight, wanting us to invade so they can slaughter us. Don't invade; don't invite. Trump is the only serious candidate who sounds like he gets that. I'd opted out of mainstream politics for 16 years but my country's people and culture are at stake, so I'm on board the Trump train. And yes; vote for your country to quit the EU.
Hi, John; I admire your insight and passion, and totally agree with your assessment. The sad truth is that the left-wing media here are portraying Donald Trump (and Boris Johnson) as ranting and ill-informed baboons. It's the old ridicule, make irreverent, and remove tactic. In the UK the real issues have been lost in the fears generated by a possible financial crisis. And now, with the murder of Jo Cox, the Left have shamelessly used it to shift the debate, and demonise many on the Right. Fly the flag, John.
The Catholic Church at least implicitly condemns "my country, right or wrong" but normal people love their countries. (Liberals ape the church by claiming its universal love for humanity but they hate their own people. A lot of what we're seeing is a civil war of liberal whites upon conservative ones, with the Mohammedans as imported muscle like Hessian mercenaries.) For our elites, there are no more countries; they have no loyalty/feel no obligation to us (unlike a good king, a father to his people).


  1. Few intelligent Trump supporters really think he's fit for the Presidency- but what unhinged maniac thinks the last three or four holders of the office were fit for it? He can't possibly do a worse job than anybody else in the past 25 years.

  2. Thanks for this john. Down here in Australia we are also voting. Our prime minister Malcolm Turnbull turned down an offer to attend the installation of the new bishop of paramatta , a Vietnamese refuge, to host a dinner for Ramadan for Muslim leaders. Strange as he is a Catholic. But only a cafeteria one I suspect

  3. 'He can't possibly do a worse job than anybody else in the past 25 years."

    Please think about this one carefully. This is a candidate who has said that our military is far too small, and who says he intends to take our soldiers into a direct Middle Eastern war with ISIS. The congress's abdication of its constitutional authority over American war-making essentially leaves military intervention in the hands of the president. Didn't this blog start out as a principled conservative's plea not to start on this kind of adventurism?

  4. Remind me: which President in the past 25 years didn't engage in unnecessary military adventuring abroad, and permit wasteful military spending? In over 20 years of public life, Mrs. Clinton has never ONCE met a war or a revolution she didn't like; Mr. Trump might very well prove more belligerent than her in office, but that's not how the smart money would bet.

    Donald Trump's "America First" rumblings are probably just as fraudulent as President Bush the Younger's old "humble foreign policy" shtick, but a 5% chance of rolling back parts of the American Empire is still better than a 99% chance that it will be dramatically expanded. In any case, his rhetoric is a refreshing turn from 16 years of GOPers competing to see who can sound most like General Ripper. (Much as I detest President Obama, if John McCain had won in 2008, we would almost certainly be having this discussion around a pile of radioactive rubble). Besides, if he's really as awful as everyone says, maybe Congress will finally grow a pair and do their job by fighting back? Gridlock worked wonders for the Clinton years.


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