Monday, July 04, 2016

Being a Christian reactionary on American Independence Day

My line on Independence Day: I like my country, my people, so in that spirit I participate, enjoying the parades and fireworks, but not my government. If we had done the right thing, remaining under the King, we'd still be America (we're different from British countries because America was settled so early) but with a clear conscience, loyal to our Christian sovereign. It isn't snobbery, and anglophilia is nothing to do with it. (That form of looking down on one's people is for liberals.) But my other line on this is I wouldn't have wanted us to end up burned-out anti-religious as British countries have; they're not a Burkean Tory high-Anglican ideal, far from it.

Hooray for that kind, maligned man, our King, George III.

Pictured: our lawful flag at the time.


  1. Similarly, if England had not left The Church, the Wesley brothers would have formed a religious order at least as influential as the Franciscans or Dominicans.

    1. I'd never thought of that; you may be right. The Wesleys were wonderful, trying to win England back for Christ.

  2. I agree that we should have remained under the monarchy. George III wasn't the evil tyrant as children are indoctrinated to believe in our public schools.


  3. Discuss: 1776 the just deserts to Britain/England for 1689 (i.e., same principles, different application).


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