Thursday, July 21, 2016

Defending my part-time church home

An ex-Catholic pundit on the Web takes a shot at my Ukrainian Catholic part-time (monthly) parish. (I don't read this cat anymore but a friend sent this in an e-mail circle.) I'm not there to critique them or tell them what to do; just to pray and support this place. The video screens are a mistake (illogical in a rite that uses an iconostasis) but I've never seen them used. It's a beautiful Liturgy (big L, meaning Mass) with simple chant, better than the Novus Ordo; Orthodoxy minus the attitude. I'm still an Anglo-Catholic-tinged Tridentiner (forever) but it's great to use all this stuff I learned, this time using it in the church.


  1. I think regular churches also offer the old form for groups that want it. However I think it is a nice thing that the "perfidious" part was taken out by the newer form.

    1. Interesting issues but you're talking about the Roman Rite.

      Anyway, far down in the link's combox, my friend William Tighe (who was with me at this church last Sunday and officially became Ukrainian Catholic some time ago), quoting a priest, sets the record straight, confirming what I thought all along when I noticed the TV screens:

      The REAL reason the telescreens are up at Holy Myrrh Bearers Eastern Catholic Church is simple. The Archbishop desired it and made it happen. He wanted the people to see ... the consecration of a new altar/church. They were supposed to be taken down following that event.


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