Thursday, November 10, 2016

We won

President-elect Trump.

Almost as good as when Joseph Ratzinger became Pope.

I was wrong and couldn't be happier about it. I was sure Trump would win the popular vote while Clinton and her backers would rig the election to get enough electoral votes. The Trumpening didn't win the popular vote but we were strong enough to win enough big electoral-vote states (despite Clinton predictably getting New York and California, liberal megalopolises, for example) to win the election for him fair and square. My vote counted for once; I help give him Pennsylvania. Once he had it, getting another state was just a formality, and it happened. Glory to God.

Could it be? Is Middle America finally getting enough steam to say to the folks in charge since the Sixties, "You're fired"? Hoped Reagan would do that. Maybe this time. It's our only shot and maybe our last. Kings, the old American republic, and caudillos are fine with me (and with the church); Trump will do. Plus he's entertaining.

Predictable: the coasts were hers while Trump has the hearts of the heartland. Proud citizen of Dumbf*ckistan here. If the coastal lefties want to secede they can go ahead.

The media are ginning up angry mobs in our cities against President-elect Trump. So they want a civil war yet accuse us of being violent.

"Love trumps hate." Unless you're an inconvenient baby.

You don't have to like Trump personally. Chronicles' William Murchison gets it: "He alone stood between us and the cultural and economic pillage contemplated by Hillary Clinton."
"Fellow Democrats, we made a mistake. We fielded a candidate who lacked integrity and was saddled with so much ethical baggage that our voting base could barely stomach voting for her. Furthermore, we gave the candidacy to her after stealing it from the hands of a candidate who had tons of personal integrity and loads of popular support, deserving the nomination. So let's own up to it, and admit that we lost the election due to the complete failure of our own party to listen to our base and field a vote-worthy candidate."

That would be amazing to hear.
Sanders would have been a worthy opponent. I doubt the Democrats will scare up somebody that decent next time.
The US has just managed to avert a constitutional crisis had Clinton been elected then later charged.
What's funny is the same people who hated Nixon in '74 would have defended her. At least Nixon never killed anybody. Watergate was a fraternity prank he didn't even need, and he learned that stuff from Kennedy.

Hillary for prison. Think she'll leave the country? If our man had lost, he wouldn't have had to think about fleeing to someplace nonextraditable, which is what I'd be doing now if I were her. My guess is in any event because she is so ill, she'll die soon. Be she in prison or hiding, she's not my problem anymore.

The morning after our big win, I'm in liberal Philadelphia, getting into an elevator with my hands full so I ask someone in it to push the button, even saying please. I don't remember exactly what the youngish, snobbish man said but it was basically "do it yourself." He then proceeds to complain about the election outcome with the older lady also on board. I wasn't wearing a Trump pin and didn't even bring it up. My mere existence annoys this fellow. As one writer has observed, that attitude from that side is exactly why mine won. We're taking our country back.

Oh, yeah, that stuff about our man disparaging women?

Melania and Ivanka: literally, what a beautiful First Family. Three cheers for Slavic beauty.

An Episcopal minister quoting the HuffPo has tried to shame people like me who voted Trump into office by saying it was really because I'm out to get blacks. News to me. That narrative is getting very tiresome.

Newspapers are both biased and outdated. The morning after our win, the local subway rag, part of a worldwide chain, had a tired story about Election Day at the polls with the headline "It's Over." Today? A picture of the president-elect but the headline "What Now?" about the details of the election in Pennsylvania. NOTHING about the history that has just been made, like him or not. That's not journalism. I only pick up the thing to do the crossword riding the subway.

A friend:
There are a lot of people calling for kindness and peace following the historic Trump victory over the Clinton political machine. The argument is that we need to start working on healing the wounds of division.

I strongly disagree with this sentiment.

The wounds of division are the hallmark of the progressive political strategic arsenal. Progressive contempt for the American people, their hatred for middle America, is on full display. These people hate the common man. Progressives look down their elitist noses at those Americans that sweep floors, wait on tables, drive heavy duty trucks, work construction, wrench on vehicles, work in factories, work in coal mines, work as electricians and plumbers, volunteer at churches, and donate their time and money to help the poor. These are the people that did not want Hillary Clinton and her husband to waltz back into the White House in order perpetuate an economic climate that makes their lives that much harder. These are the people that did not want to see their sons die overseas in a war that Mrs. Clinton was sure to force onto the nation. In the twisted mind of the secular progressive, and in the evil darkness of their heart, they view such people as racists. Not because they have done anything racist, but because many of them are white. For the progressive, actions don't determine the label a person earns, it is the categories invented by the left. If you are white, you are a racist. That is the depth of progressive analysis. They view these hard working, dedicated, patriotic, caring, loving, American citizens as uneducated and stupid. Let me say this loud and clear: there is more critical thinking taking place on a shop floor when a diesel mechanic is working an overhaul, than four years of courses in gender studies classrooms.

Letting down our guard is exactly what progressives want us to do. The Trump victory has forced their ugliness to emerge for all to see. Progressives don't love democracy, although they shout it it in your face from their safe-spaces. They hate democracy when they don't get what they want, which is why you see them protesting a completely legitimate presidential election. They see their ideology being defeated by the very people they have shouted down for the last 40 years.

Now is not the time for peacemaking.

You cannot make deals with the devil.

Now is the time for vigilance.


  1. Fair enough, at least you're not pretending to be a Catholic anymore.

    1. Because he did not support the pro-abortionist candidate?

  2. "The media are ginning up angry mobs in our cities against President-elect Trump. So they want a civil war yet accuse us of being violent."

    The nuttiest part is that, far from The Second Coming of Hitler, he's basically a pragmatic centrist who used to be a liberal Democrat until a few years ago. There's nothing in his platform that would have been out-of-place for a moderate Democrat circa 1996. The media have been drinking their own Kool-Aid for too long.

    Contemporary leftism has so completely taken leave of reality that it's alienating even life-long liberals.


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