Saturday, December 03, 2016

A blast of high churchmanship

Wow. At first I thought this was Cardinal Burke. It's at St. Silas, Kentish Town in London (their patronal festival in July), part of an Anglo-Catholic Anglicanism that was "Romanized" or even Anglo-Papalist (the former don't believe everything in Catholicism but love our liturgy; the latter said they believe all we do). I guess they're Romanizers, because when offered the chance to come into the church they remained in the Church of England; alas. In Philadelphia, St. Clement's is like this. It's vacillated between Romanized and Anglo-Papalist; now it's Episcopal in fact as well as in name (I don't go there anymore) so Romanized it is. In some cases, such people were the only ones in town doing this stuff, so while pushing a true-church claim against us (what most Anglo-Catholics were about) is wrong, thanks.

Oddly, no maniples, so they're not following the Tridentine Mass (I knew that about this place), even though you can use them in the Ordinary Form.


  1. In my youth, I was warned when visiting London and other places, not to confuse Anglo-Catholic churches with our own!

  2. About a decade or 15 years ago, I learned about a couple of Swedish Lutheran clergyman who were, "on the side," celebrating "Tridentine Masses" in the most baroque way, and were attracting to their show a few gullible and uninformed "traditionalist Catholics" in Sweden. I've long forgotten any further details, though.

    There is also the curious poster of comments on conservative Anglican blogs calling himself "Midlands Vicar," a former SSPXer (I can't recall whether they ordained him) who left and became a clergyman in the Church of England.

  3. Also this:

    “Beware the Anglo-Catholics. They're all sodomites with unpleasant accents." -- Cousin Jasper

    ― Evelyn Waugh, *Brideshead Revisited*

  4. If one looks at their parish webpage, it is obvious that they are not using the traditional Roman rite of the English Missal, but the novus ordo with tat. Hence, they represent the reform of the reform.

    Oh, I can remember Orthodox warning their people of confusing Byzantine rite Catholics with our own.

    Zion Lutheran in Detroit, at least at one time, was celebrating the full pre-Vatican II Roman rite from the English Missal.


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