Thursday, December 08, 2016

Backhanded testimony

Tom Hanks joined and regularly attends a church that publicly opposes gay marriage. When he got married he joined the Greek Orthodox Church and I have seen YouTubes of him celebrating the Pascha/Easter liturgy. But the liberals won't attack him because he is also a leftist person.
I see it as backhanded testimony that Orthodoxy is not the church. I'll 'fess up: a little over 20 years ago I liked a traditionalism that seemed cool, acceptable to the mainstream, unlike Catholic traditionalists. I wanted to be liked. So I became Orthodox. The powers that be have no problem with the Orthodox because the Orthodox are harmless to them; underneath the traditional liturgy, the Orthodox sold out long ago. State control of churches, divorce and remarriage, and now contraception: what's next? So all that's okay, but we might not be baptized because we weren't in their empire and aren't in their culture. Sure.

The devil doesn't bother attacking things and people he already owns.


  1. That was an unfair and inaccurate characterization of Orthodoxy. I left the Roman Catholic church years ago for Orthodoxy, but I don't attack y'all because I respect the faith that is there.

  2. Don't forget the fact that there was debate in the early Church regarding the status of the baptism of heretics and schismatics, with a consensus of Fathers arguing that valid reception of baptism in heretical communities did not fully impart the full benefits of baptism (i.e. membership in the Catholic Church) - a belief, which explains in part, the traditional ecclesiology of the Catholic Church (valid baptism without membership in the Church for heretics and schismatics). Eastern Orthodox beliefs regarding no sacraments outside the Church are an arguable variation and remnant of this traditional sacramental and ecclesiological understanding.


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