Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I like being white

Whites should be proud of being white: of their many accomplishments. That doesn't necessarily mean picking on other races, and of course it shouldn't.

That's why I'm a casual consumer of the alt-right, as I am of the manosphere and MGTOW.

A lot of the alt-right's behavior is taking bait. "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Pick on nice whites long enough, in the name of "justice," and you get a backlash.

In other news, I don't give a toss what the HuffPo is telling me to think.

Journalism has gone down the toilet. Metro is preaching that all correct-thinking people hate and fear Trump. And forget the entertainment industry. I will never watch "SNL" again. The good news is, thanks to this medium (even though Google and Facebook are likely spying on us), the old media aren't gatekeepers of information anymore; they have no more power. I don't watch national TV news; I don't need to.

In 30 years of public life, Trump was never accused of race-baiting until he ran for office making a campaign promise to, get this, enforce the law on immigration.


  1. My prayer is that after another century there won't be so many whites and all our children will have turned coffee coloured. Best way to end racism.

  2. 'In 30 years of public life, Trump was never accused of race-baiting'

    Here'e a review of the President-elect's record published last July.

    Yes, I know it's from the New York Times, which is part of the old media that you won't read any more. But it's sourced. It has names and places and dates and specifics that can be verified. It's an opinion piece, so it's undoubtedly biased, as the New York Times is (and as all media is). And yes, following old-style journalistic standards is expensive, and the cost will probably put the Times out of business and we'll be left with the echo-chamber reporting of the internet. (Imagine footing of the cost of having a Baghdad bureau rather than just re-writing someone else's story.)

    By the way, I'm white too, and I've never dreamt of being ashamed of it, but I think it's silly to be proud of it. I'm not sure when "Pride" became such a badge of honor in America. We Catholics should know that it's the first deadly sin.

  3. "In 30 years of public life, Trump was never accused of race-baiting until he ran for office making a campaign promise to, get this, enforce the law on immigration."

    Accusing him of exploiting identity politics is doubly weird, because he was practically the only candidate in the race who DIDN'T do that. His main primary opponents all touted their appeal to Hispanic voters to various degrees (Senator Rubio less obsequiously than El Jeb, and Senator Cruz only a little bit, to his credit), while Mrs. Clinton bet her entire campaign on black identity politics and feminist envy.

    I think the news media are having a kind of collective nervous breakdown over their declining revenues and market share; Mr. Trump became a lightning rod for their fears and anxieties by being in the right place at the right time. They hate him not so much for anything he's actually said or done, but mostly just because his success exposes their growing irrelevance and powerlessness.

    That NYT piece- like all the others, only published AFTER Mr. Trump's campaign was underway- opens by saying they shouldn't throw around racism accusations lightly, then proceeds to throw out racism accusations lightly. By their standards, merely noticing differences and catering to customers' freely-expressed preferences is apparently "racism". If that's "racism", then non-racism is completely insane. As a pop-culture fixture since the early '80s, Donald Trump was mocked for decades as lecherous, rude, greedy, tasteless, vain, attention-hungry, ugly, and narcissistic. No late-night comedian ever added "racist" to that list until late 2015.

  4. Here is my version of the MTV vid:


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