Sunday, January 08, 2017

A traditionalist pioneer and a spiky liturgical question

The late Fr. Gommar DePauw celebrating Low Mass from the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary at his Ave Maria Chapel in Westbury, L.I., N.Y.
One of the heroes of the movement to restore the traditional Latin Mass (TLM) to the Catholic churches. Many still remember Fr. DePauw at Mount St. Mary's.
That's right; before Vatican II he was a respected canon lawyer teaching the subject at a seminary.

Fr. DePauw's recorded Low Mass (same as this: Common of the BVM) on New York radio was my introduction specifically to the TLM 35 years ago! Being Episcopalian then (born into it), I knew of some Episcopalians' resistance to the Sixties, holding onto the older form of their liturgy (I was formed in a parish that was among them); he introduced me to the Catholic version. He had presence: big man with that Flemish (Belgian Dutch) accent and bass voice. The first clergyman I know of to publicly take a stand for the traditional Mass, a few years before the Novus Ordo! (But don't forget Cardinal McIntyre in L.A.: as far as I know he never implemented the changes; he was forced to retire right when the Novus Ordo came out. He never celebrated the new Mass, even in retirement at a parish. Only the old.) I don't agree with Fr. DePauw's argument (his canon lawyerly one that Quo Primum Tempore forbids any change; on the contrary, the new Mass in its original Latin and in the English approved by Pope Benedict XVI is valid) but am grateful all the same.

But now that this Mass is my home, now that I'm acquainted with the rubrics, my question remains: what day is this video Mass for? All of the propers are from the Common like a feria (weekday Mass or votive Mass) but it has the Gloria and Creed like a Marian feast. So what's going on?

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  1. I used to attend Mass at Ave Maria Chapel. This is a First Saturday Mass.


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