Monday, January 09, 2017

Another swing at the Orthodox because they deserve it

The thing is, you can't really argue with the Orthodox, since most of their arguments are constructed ad-hoc based on personal opinions and personal interpretations of documents of "Church Fathers"—and by the way, who's a Church Father is also completely arbitrary. There's no Orthodox Catechism, there's no Orthodox council documents, other than those from the first seven. You ultimately end up where you'd be arguing with a Protestant.
Yes! There is no such thing as the Orthodox Church. It's just a gaggle of tribal/national churches very little to do with each other that happen to share a rite because their founding church was part of an empire. The self-hating Western converts use it to try to invent a hipster Catholicism, cool because it's Popeless. Lifestyle accessory, such as shopping at Whole Paycheck, er, Whole Foods with the other SWPL bohos because "I'm fasting, I'm fasting, I'm fasting." Well and good; the Byzantine Rite is entirely Catholic. But what about divorce-and-remarriage and contraception? Behind the traditional liturgy there's really nothing there. Which is why they lose their people when those people Americanize.
René Guénon was a cuck who converted to Islam, the ultimate betrayal of his civilization.
His disciple Eugene Rose wasn't that different, converting to an anti-Western sect and rebaptizing Catholics and Protestants.

Whether he lives in Rome, Avignon, or Timbuktu, there is only one church and it has a head bishop; the Orthodox' old empire is nothing to do with it. Mistaking the empire for the church was the Orthodox' first mistake.

There are churchmen who don't quite accept Catholicism and then there are bigots.

Following the mind and heart of the church, I don't preach to Greeks and Russians. Traitors, Western converts to Orthodoxy who are online, are fair game.

Preaching to the Greeks and Russians has never worked. The Greek and Russian Byzantine Catholic churches are failures; they failed in their original missions. Better to try to bring in all of the Orthodox at the same time.

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  1. Great column bravo bravo.

    I wish that Russian Byzantine Catholic Fr Gavrilov's writing were in English.

    The little I have seen of them solidifies your point.

    Keep up the good work.

    Old-ish fogey


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