Friday, January 06, 2017

Catholic trads good and bad

What is the main goal of Catholic traditionalism, the salvation of souls or restoring traditional Catholic culture? Might there sometimes be a conflict?
I've come to realize that both many Catholic traditionalists and the Catholic liberals they are reacting against are wrong. The '80s American church was bad: Protestantized and militantly low-church. If you wanted old-fashioned high church, they told you that you were bad (disobedient, "not open to the Spirit," and even no longer Catholic) and/or mentally disturbed. A great thing about being in England then was you could find Catholic high church if you were looking for it. The liberals are heretical, but come to think of it, both sides make the same mistake as the Orthodox of thinking their culture is the whole church. Anglicanism, which I came from and in the '80s returned to, doesn't have that problem, hence its appeal to me then, but it's heretical. Orthodoxy seemed to offer a way out too but it idolizes a culture. With our doctrine, a non-negotiable, and Pope Benedict XVI's English Mass as a baseline, I'm fine. If you want a simpler Mass than mine or even an experimental Mass, fine with me as long as you hold to our doctrine and don't step on my toes.


  1. Then there is a certain Pope who stated that young folks who are attracted to the traditional liturgy are rigid. He furthermore stated that rigidity is defensive and true love is not rigid. He's a bigot.

    1. He may not like me (I'm no longer young but anyway) but we don't have to like him. As long as he does his job of defending the church's teachings. He's a goofball but I'm not a priest so he's not my boss. I mostly don't care what he thinks.


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