Monday, January 09, 2017

Catholics being stupid: Infantilizing church

I very nearly spat my coffee onto my computer screen this morning when I learned (and confirmed) that the Holy See has published an order of worship for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which has as its central act... playing with blocks. Well, specifically, playing with shoeboxes covered in packing paper to represent stones (I'm dead serious) which are first built into a wall and then rearranged in a cross. THE SEVENTIES ARE BACK!
It's not heretical but it's stupid. This Pope is at best a doofus.

Thank God the '70s aren't back. We still have Benedict XVI's English Mass, not the possibly heretical monstrosity then.

When I was a teenager, the local Catholics went for this condescending crap; the Anglo-Catholics treated me like an adult.

That week, Jan. 18–25, began as the Chair of Unity Octave, started by Episcopalians who were would-be Catholics; Anglo-Papalists. Not Anglo-Catholics, who pushed Anglicanism; they wanted to come home to Rome, and when the Episcopalians let other Protestant ministers preach in their churches, in 1909 they did. Fr. Paul James Francis Wattson and Mother Lurana White of the Graymoor Franciscans.

Do yourself a favor and click the link, to a blog post from Fr. Hunwicke.

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  1. "Do yourself a favor and click the link, to a blog post from Fr. Hunwicke."

    Yes, but warning: you WILL experience bouts of hysterical laughter (because it sounds like a joke) interspersed with bitter tears of sadness (as you remember that it's not). Crazy stuff.


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