Thursday, January 19, 2017

Current events

  • The oddly spelled Dylann Roof deserves to be executed for murder if he knew what he was doing (mere mental illness doesn't excuse), which the court thought he did. The state can spare him but doesn't have to. There should not be "hate crime" in the law. The state ought not have a window into men's souls; bigots have rights. It is none of the state's or my business if young Mr. Roof hates Negroes. It and I should care if he harms them.
  • Bradley Manning (no, I won't play along): The U.S. government is guilty of wrongdoing so he was arguably heroic. But part of the heroism is taking the due punishment so that the Army can do its job. That said, he had no business being in the military. Looks like the Corporal Klinger game worked for him; seems cowardly. Anyway, when he gets out, he'll be kicked out of the Army with a dishonorable discharge so no VA benefits, so who if anyone will pay for the operation and artificial female hormones he wants? Obama pardoned him as a parting insult to the old white America including its military. Ditto provoking Russia, leaving a mess for Trump.
  • Looking at the left agitating for civil war against Trump, if I were him I'd have Homeland Security on the lookout for Bill Ayers-style terrorism. Other than that, I doubt many of these social-justice weenies know how to fight. Enough water cannons will shut them up.

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