Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gay priests, the "gathering rite," and more

  • A lavender clergy mafia? From a conservative Protestant minister who knows many Catholic clergy who've talked about this: his guess is the Roman Rite priesthood is about twice as gay as the general population. It's a natural hangout for them even though it's not allowed. Just like the military: seeming to sacrifice normal married life for a noble cause, so nobody asks why you never married. Similar: sailors and oil-rig workers. That and the helping/caring professions attract more gays, much like those jobs' appeal to women. Most of "the scandal" wasn't pedophilia; that was just a liberal lie. They were gay priests attracted to teenage boys. Anyway, twice as gay is only 6% of priests, gays in the general population being only about 3%. If they don't attack the church's teachings or commit crimes, no problem.
  • The Remnant's Michael Matt on a "gathering rite" at an old Midwestern city Catholic church. I'm not a rad trad like him. Catholic churches are both gathering places for the assembly (ekklesia) and temples of Christ's sacrifice. These bad liturgics seem based on a Protestant denial of the latter, though even the Protestants would have found this "gathering rite" strange, the purpose of church for them being to sit and listen to the Bible and the sermon. And yes, I get "modes of presence," seeing God in your neighbor. That means charity, not this. My guess is this stuff is slowly going away; its perpetrators are old. Reform of the reform (let's high-church the Novus Ordo) will win, in a much smaller church. We've spent down our capital earned before Vatican II and haven't bottomed out yet. By the way, Bianca Jagger, Sting, and the late Andy Warhol (born into the Byzantine Rite) preferred the traditional Mass to the new.
  • The Chair of Unity Octave starts today. Forget "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity," a betrayal of Fr. Paul James Francis Wattson: he said to return to the Catholic Church and himself went from Anglo-Papalist Episcopal (rare) to Catholic. In the 1962 rubrics, a priest may offer the votive Mass of Saint Peter’s Chair at Rome, so we still have our octave in the traditional Roman Rite.
  • A friend, a conservative Episcopalian for about a decade, is dead against the Novus Ordo but Cranmer's Prayer Book in its 1979 Rite I Episcopal form is OK. What? Bad/rad trads and the Orthodox are guilty of something like this, and Anglo-Catholicism's rife with it: religion becomes about me, that is, my culture, my taste, my labors, and my entertainment. (There is religious entertainment and then there is religion.) Henry VIII didn't drive England into schism and Cranmer didn't force it into heresy so we could have nice services, and both of us would have hated Cranmer's creations (destroy the altars, statues, and chasubles, and let's have church in the round for Communion).
  • On the Vatican commemorating the "Reformation." Humility is good of course (we, but not our teachings, caused the Chornock schism, for example) but the "Reformation" was evil, a made-up Christianity set off by a madman; Renaissance Europeans' fanciful idea of the early Christians. That said, I like traditional Lutheranism: our close cousins because Luther wasn't consistent, he was willing to use the church's trappings to bait and switch, and his followers tried to reach an understanding with the church; they ended up closer to us than to the Calvinists. They don't reject things just because they're Catholic.
  • How the Church of England changed my life. A conscientious Anglican priest "being there" for everyone who lives in his parish. I hold no brief for Anglicanism but give credit where it's due.

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  1. " gays in the general population being only about 3%"

    You have mentioned the 3% figure on numerous occasions. I would like to see scientific evidence for this number. It could be much higher; one of the training sessions I attended while working put the world-wide number at 11%. Not saying this is correct either, but without good scientific evidence your number (and the other number) lack credibility.


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