Saturday, January 28, 2017

King Charles the Martyr-er?

I have in a frame on the wall two old prints of portraits of Anglican Cavaliers, as much a part of my heritage as my Spanish ancestry. They were appreciably close to us, but...
Should the Ordinariate be permitted to keep the Anglican cult of St. Charles Stuart? He could have saved his earthly life by ending the episcopacy of the Church of England. All kinds of contentious things surface here, such as “was there any episcopacy left in the C of E?,” and Eastern churches being reunited with Rome yet allowed to keep their post-schism saints, etc.
No. I was active but not officially a member at St. Clement's, Philadelphia when it was last Anglo-Papalist, in the 2000s. Then the king's statue was taken down and I was told that a few Catholics were killed during his reign. Because he was born outside the church, he gets the benefit of the doubt, but he died for a kind of magisterial Protestantism with bishops, not Catholicism. It is a kind of Reformed Christianity, so no more real episcopate, as Leo XIII wrote. By the way, here's the Anglo-Papalist position: "We were born outside the church so we get the benefit of the doubt, and thanks to imported Old Catholic orders validating ours, we accept the church's teaching in Apostolicae Curae." We accept post-schism Orthodox saints (though I happen not to have icons of them on display) because doctrinally they're estranged Catholics, not Reformed.


  1. It's called local custom. If Ordinariate groups want to have St. Charles the Martyr parties let them do it - no one can stop them.

    1. I'm all for celebrating him for defending monarchy (hierarchy, patriarchy), liturgy, and the episcopate. But the Catholic Church can't liturgically commemorate nor have devotions in church for a Protestant.

    2. Do any of the Eastern (Byzantine) Catholic churches commemorate (St.) Mark of Ephesus? I know of none. St. Photios the Great, yes; St. Gregory Palamas - there is no reason not to do so, I believe (and the former died in communion with the Apostolic See, in any case). I admire Charles I; and he did die as a "martyr for episcopacy" (and had a "Catholic/Patristic understanding" of episcopacy to boot - even if he may have mistaken the bishops of his Church of England for Catholic bishops).

  2. Well, I went to the Banqueting House on Monday. For a society purportedly honouring the Royal Martyr, SKCM once again let the side down. It's billed as 1637 BCP, despite looking and sounding like a Roman high mass in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. The commemoration is held two weeks too early, and they kept getting the year wrong. The whole thing is completely inauthentic. I counted twenty homosexuals in attendance, four of them at the makeshift altar (now set against the wall, pointing south; whereas in the days of Fr Thompson it was in plano with a throne set against the wall, much nicer). One of the clergy present looked me up and down and then turned away. And the sermon, which in past years has been very good, was about Charles I of Austria with a ham-handed comparison thrown in at the end for a quick finale. Utter tosh.

    I won't be going next year.


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