Sunday, January 08, 2017

No trad or conservative parish? No problem!

It's sad: where I live we have no churches with the traditional rite, and the "normal" ones look very Protestant, with loud music and people clapping... It's sad and outrageous.
That's bad but in the '80s with the bad (bordering on heretical) English translation it was much worse. I've been back in the church five years, since Pope Benedict the Great's cleanup of the English Mass. I can go to Mass anywhere: the text now tells the truth. If the parishes screw up, it's on them, not me. If I were you, I'd offer it up for the 45 minutes or so every week, then go home and not give them a second thought. Put your money in the basket and nothing more. Give to traditional causes on your own time. Disclosure: I'm blessed with a conservative and even high-church parish 15 minutes from home whose main Mass is Tridentine even though the rest of parish life isn't. (Pipe organ, Anglican processional and recessional hymns, and white-gloved altar boys, no altar girls, ringing two sanctus bells.) That's my registered (not territorial) parish I call home. If I didn't have that or the Ukrainian Catholic parish I also attend and support, I'd do what I say here.

There is always orthodox Catholics' mainstay since Vatican II: the earliest, lowest Mass your parish has. No funny business, no attempt at music; just recite what's in the book, Father, and get it over with.

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