Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The scoop on the Novus Ordo

The Novus Ordo has more flavors than Baskin-Robbins.
Unlike the Orthodox, the church has many cultures so it has several traditional rites* and in those many sub-rites.

I understand that until rather recently, churchmen didn't study the liturgy as history so they were cautious, changing things very little. Some things did change a lot but that took a long time. Priests were taught the liturgy as handed down, according to the rules, and that was that.

Then the new field of liturgical studies changed from appreciating the liturgy as it was to thinking it could improve it with a rewrite, an update. The spirit of the Space Age: progress! Streamline the Mass and the church will get even bigger and better; the Protestants will love us and come back.

So churchmen wrote a new Mass.

It wasn't heretical, but the English paraphrase was borderline until Pope Benedict XVI replaced it with a real translation.

That's the scoop on the Novus Ordo. Since I've been back in the church, I have worshipped and communed at it; I respect it. But it's not my home.

If you were expecting a rant on the apostles using the Tridentine Mass, "Quo Primum forever," six Protestant ministers co-writing the invalid new Mass, the real Pope being kidnapped and replaced with an imposter, no real Pope today, and all the church's problems being due to Russia not being consecrated following Our Lady of Fátima's command, you're reading the wrong blog.

*Roman (including local medieval sub-rites and those of certain religious orders), Byzantine (Orthodox culture), and others.

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