Saturday, January 28, 2017

We include the Christian East: Why I am still a Catholic even though I don't like Pope Francis

An example regarding why I am a Catholic forever: I have a Russian icon corner. The church says I in good faith can. (And I love using the Orthodox forms I've learned, but now to serve the Catholic Church.) The Orthodox would ban my Western Catholic sacramentals if I were one of them and they knew of my having those things, their little halfhearted Western Rites notwithstanding (which are so byzantinized it's ridiculous). We include the Christian East. They don't really include us. I am grateful to the Anglicans of my baptism, etc., for a certain humane approach (which Peter Robinson named "tolerant conservatism" for me) and for beautiful English I still use, but it's a kind of magisterial Protestantism, a branch of the Reformed faith, not the Popeless Catholicism that modern high churchmen think it is. Fr. Jonathan Mitchican, an Episcopal priest in my area and a former Catholic, has explained Anglicanism beautifully at his blog, The Conciliar Anglican. Fr. Hunwicke has explained the papacy: it's about the office, which is part of the church, not about the man. I liked Benedict XVI; I don't like Francis. No matter; I'm not a priest so the Pope's not my employer.

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