Sunday, February 19, 2017

Charismatics: The other American Catholics who still go to Mass

The Catholic charismatic movement used to be a problem because it was Protestantizing, an import because of Vatican II on ecumenism (which rightly understood I have no problem with: not indifferentism), so Catholic liberals loved it. That honeymoon didn't last because charismatic Catholics were based on conservative Protestantism so no feminism, homosexualism, or salvation without Jesus, plus charismatic Catholics re-Catholicized: they love Exposition and Mary, for example. After Vatican II, because the liberals loved it, they often pushed it on us high churchmen, commonly called traditionalists, as just about our only option, the other, practically speaking though it was not said or encouraged (we had to figure it out), being the Eastern rites*, which are good but have their own problem as they seem not to thrive in America after three generations (the Orthodox have the same problem), and why should we be forced to dump a perfectly good Catholic culture? (Because the liberals are heretical and self-righteous: they told us that the council meant their desires were literally God's will. A bookend to rad trads.) Now the movement seems to be waning. They're still "low-church" liturgically but as they've become Catholic again they've lost some of their hostility to us. (The Franciscan University of Steubenville has had the Tridentine Mass!) So now I don't have a problem with them. I give them credit for emphasizing that the Holy Spirit is still active in the world, and part of that, very simpatico with popular Catholicism, is miracles can happen (we just can't presume they will). I see them doing the orans position at the new Mass; it's not disruptive so they're welcome at my Masses (Tridentine and Byzantine) as far as I'm concerned. With Pope Benedict's English Mass as the baseline in America, keeping Roman Riters in line like the Tridentine Mass used to, it's all good.

*The liberals get away with the hypocrisy of leaving them alone because the liberals actually largely ignore them except for now-passé ecumenism (which anyway ignored that the Orthodox often hate the Uniates; Russian churchmen especially resent the Ukrainian Catholic Church). Secular humanists (Christianity's bastards) don't care about Christians getting back together, which now seems almost quaint (Catholics and Lutherans at a prayer service: big deal!); their own thing and its cousin, interfaith (often incorrectly called ecumenism: indifferentism revisited; "Coexist"), as a gateway to it, are where it's at. Ecumenism rightly understood means bringing all into the Catholic Church.


  1. I grew up as a Charismatic Evangelical. I've seen all the bad and crazy things in Charismatic Evangelicalism, so I don't have much interest in Charismatic Catholicism.

    1. In America the Pentecostals the charismatics came from are associated with fake faith healers aggressively raising money, tax-free because they're religious. The late Oral Roberts comes to mind, sort of the granddaddy of charismatic Protestantism, the ecumenical version of the Pentecostalism he came from. He moved his tent revivals to more mainstream Christians and to TV because that was where the money was by the 1950s. That, frenzy/hysteria at tent revivals (people writhing on the floor like a seizure, etc.), and abusive cults... I think I understand you here.

    2. Just writing a review of Leonardo Boff's book on the Holy Spirit. Please have a read when it's done.


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