Thursday, February 23, 2017

On just wanting to be Catholic

I'm a Novus Ordo Catholic, and the more I learn about Traditional Catholicism the more I say to myself, "I just want to be Catholic."
I hear you. I'm a traditional Latin Masser and have taken to calling myself a "very conservative Roman Riter" rather than a traditionalist. Distancing myself from the sedevacantists (that scenario can happen but isn't), conspiracy theorists (Jews! Masons! Six Protestant ministers wrote the Novus Ordo! Imposter Pope! Benedict is still Pope!), neo-Nazis (but fascism is an option; I'm pro-Franco and many Jews hate us), people who deny the validity of the new Mass even as reformed in English by Benedict XVI, and people with devotional hobbyhorses such as apparitions taken too far.

"You are not what we were." The real pre-Vatican II church was deep and broad, not the narrow caricature or fever swamp the traditionalist scene can be.

I read conservative Anglicans and conservative Lutherans to stay focused on God and love instead of majoring in the minors. But I believe everything the church really teaches and go to traditional services, either the Tridentine Mass or the Byzantine Liturgy (I'm functionally biritual, liturgically Orthodox at home and one Sunday a month in church), almost exclusively (Novus Ordo on holy days of obligation or when traveling).

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