Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Political potpourri

  • Somebody is stirring up a real revolt against the president. And I'd bet you a few krugerrands Soros is one of the forces behind it. Even businesses are jumping on board, dumping Trump's family's merchandise. (Ivanka hatred is envy; she's beautiful and fulfilled, a People's Princess.) What's happening is the biggest political thing in my lifetime since the Sixties, specifically the end of the Sixties, Watergate. Nixon was actually a law-and-order centrist liberal but he was of the old America so the left set out to destroy him. That fraternity prank born of his insecurity and the lesson he learned from Kennedy (who stole elections and joked about it) gave them the means. Praying for our president; you know that somebody's trying to assassinate him. I'm afraid of that and of Weather Underground-style domestic terrorism (Bill Ayers should hang), of the street theater our media are hyping getting real.
  • So the leftover Occupy types think we Trump voters are Nazis. As far as I know, the president has no plan to invade, ethnically cleanse, and repopulate Latin America with North Americans, as the Nazis wanted to do with Germans to Eastern Europe and the Slavs (their Big Plan, not the one about the Jews), nor is he targeting innocent American groups (you know, people who don't set off pressure-cooker bombs at marathons or shoot up nightclubs), so no. Enforcing the law defending our borders doth not a Hitler make.
  • "Correlation is not causation." The Bomb forced peace on Europe. The European Union and its predecessors are nothing to do with it.
  • Goodbye, "Saturday Night Live." I watched since 1977 and stopped forever a few months ago. To give it credit, as much as I hate the Sixties (which were really from 1968 to 1973), in the beginning the show was an All-Star Game of the counterculture, from George Carlin to Janis Ian on the first show; low production values but intelligent. Now the liberal propaganda isn't even clever. It's had a few breakout stars but since the original legendary cast it's mostly been unfunny hacks.

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