Saturday, February 25, 2017

Praise music in Catholic churches

This just in from my archdiocese:
Please join us for our first special concert uniting the praise music of Chester and Wallingford! Enjoy performances by St. Katharine Drexel’s Gospel Choir, the First Pentecostal Church Voices of Samuel, St. Katharine Drexel Spanish Choir, Shiloh Baptist Church Mass Choir, and St. John’s Adult Choir. Sponsored by St. John’s Justice & Peace Committee.
Oh, sh*t.

Don't get me wrong. Black American Protestants have a wonderful faith (this is sincere from me, not condescension) and I love listening to gospel music devotionally.

But you can see where this is coming from, from miles away.

In the context of American Catholicism, I have a reason to be suspicious.

Yes, it's only a concert, which is fine.

This music is not liturgical; it's devotional. It's Protestant.

These Catholics' fascination with Protestantism seems dated, from right after Vatican II, as does the likely "liberation theology."

Somehow I doubt the Spanish Choir (I'm 1/4 Hispanic; my dad grew up speaking Spanish) will be singing selections from Victoria.

Inculturation is fine.

But this "diversity" business is really a war that liberals including Catholic Modernists are waging on conservatives, including traditional Catholic culture, and even on the Catholic faith.

Who else pictures some old whites who read the National Catholic Reporter?

"Justice and peace" types, white liberals, often don't believe in Catholicism, which is why they like to try to Protestantize people like me. They used the charismatic movement in the '70s for the same reason. They don't even take the conservative Protestantism of many blacks seriously; they're just using its non-Catholicism and its cultural trappings as a truncheon against us.

Their "inclusivity" doesn't include my churchmanship. I remember this type well from the '80s. They think they're doing God's will; you're bad and/or sick if you object. And, exploiting non-whites, they can cry racism when you do.

P.S. An Eastern-rite church, Catholic or Orthodox, wouldn't have this; they love their own customs. And nobody calls them racists for it. But that's probably because most Americans don't know they exist.

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