Friday, February 17, 2017

Race exists but Christians don't worship it: Answering anti-Jewish secular people

Someone posted this shocking cartoon, adding: "This is why the alt-right is a cancer."

If this cartoon is serious, it is chilling. A valuable unintended lesson. Race is real; there are differences on average among races. Being white is wonderful. On all that, the alt-right is correct. But Christians don't worship race; individuals come first. Why we can't be good Nazis, for example. They also thought idolizing race was "progressive" (Margaret Sanger was on board with that as pro-lifers will tell you); Christians needed to get with the program. We're really not about picking on other races.

Many Jews hate Christians; it's stupid to ignore that. But they are still individual souls, the people of the Old Testament, and the people of Mary and Jesus. The Nazis ultimately wanted to get rid of Christianity because they believed the message of this cartoon: because, humanly speaking, Christianity is a Jewish heresy.
Christianity is not heresy but the legitimate successor to the faith of the patriarchs.
Of course we don't believe Christianity is heresy; Jesus is the fulfillment of the law. But Jews do: "Jesus died so he couldn't have been the Messiah; case closed." We believe by faith, since he only appeared to his followers after the crucifixion, that he returned from the dead in the flesh.
Too bad the old covenant is abrogated. Additionally the Old Testament faith is not the same as "Judaism."
It sure is abrogated. But just as we include the Old Testament in scripture despite that (contra the Marcionist heresy), I have a special regard for our society's "People of the Book" even though they're no longer the Chosen. (Before 3 p.m. Good Friday the head of the church on earth was Caiaphas; afterwards it was St. Peter.)

Certainly since the Romans destroyed the Temple, Judaism is very different from the Old Testament and Jesus' time.

I like Israelis, basically fellow Europeans (thanks to centuries of mixing) who are tough and politically incorrect. But the Jews don't have a biblical claim to Palestine anymore. The Palestinians matter to Christians too; some of them are Christians, mostly of the great Catholic family, both actual Catholics and Orthodox.

Interesting that the Nazis worship Nordicness but Hitler wasn't Nordic (ex-Catholic Austrian neither blond nor blue-eyed).


  1. The Old Covenant abrogated? . . . or was it fulfilled by Jesus Christ? [Matthew 5:17]

  2. Abrogated.

    And Talmudic Judaism is as bad as National Socialism.


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