Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ukrainian-American Catholics in the movies: "My Life"

My Life (1993) starring Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman.

I'm posting this out of season liturgically (no weddings during Lent) but just discovered it. I have never seen this movie. Here it seems Ukrainian Catholics have had their due in the movies, and in the form of a big happy wedding with a solemn church scene and folky reception, alongside two other groups of fellow Byzantines, their Rusyn cousins in the American Russian Orthodox metropolia (The Deer Hunter) and the Greeks in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. My take as an outsider to begin with, somewhat in the know: just like the old Russian metropolia (now the OCA) in America's industrial Rust Belt, in The Deer Hunter set about 40-50 years ago, this community probably was last this lively about 30 years ago. Eastern-rite churches just don't do well after three generations in America, something I'm certainly not wishing on them. Quite the opposite! I go to such a community (Ukrainian Catholic) one Sunday a month, supporting it as best I can.


  1. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Kidman is Catholic by birth and married keith urban in a big catholic wedding over here in Sydney

    1. "Bet you didn't know they were Catholic" is fun with celebrities who are or look ethnically English and have English-sounding names. This page about St. Victor's Church in West Hollywood names some. (Vincent Price and Englishman's Englishman Christopher Hewett were in the fold.)

  2. Ok, after watching that, I soooo wish I had had a Ukrainian wedding.

    My brother-in-law's wedding reception in Mikwaukee was almost that much fun. Great band and lots of dancing. Everyone in Milwaukee knows how to polka, even the kids and teens.


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