Monday, March 06, 2017

Conservative high-church ex-Episcopalians

Wouldn't it be great to win the high-church ACNA Diocese of ___ for the ordinariate?
It sure would but now that I understand Anglo-Catholicism better I think I understand why it's not happening. People assume they're would-be Roman Catholics but in their origin in classic Anglicanism, the old high churchmen, and the Tractarians that wasn't so. Like classic Anglicanism, it's a rival true-church claim against Catholicism even though it ended up imitating the Catholic Church. (Anglo-Papalism was different, here the opposite of A-Cism.) In the 1970s places like this believed in something they thought was Anglicanism and I reckon still do, so many of them formed the Continuum. (Plus we were a basket case after Vatican II, acting like liberal Protestant wannabes with an uglier liturgy than theirs.) They see themselves as the faith once delivered (both Catholic and Reformed); we see them as small and stuck in sectarian Protestantism where they don't belong. It's good to see these cultural conservatives say no to the Sixties and Spirit of Vatican II but if they wanted in, they'd be in by now. So some such dioceses moved from the Episcopal Church to another Protestant denomination slightly less liberal, ACNA. (The few such parishes still Episcopal have their semi-congregationalism as a decreasingly effective hedge.) Also, as I believe ACNA Bishop Iker said of Fort Worth, a number of parishioners are divorced and remarried so there you go, kind of historically fitting given Anglicanism's origin (even though those technically weren't divorces; Anglicans used to ban divorce and remarriage just like Catholics, why Edward VIII abdicated).

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