Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dominica tertia in Quadragesima: Oculi mei semper ad Dominum

  • One of those fine Sundays in which the old Book of Common Prayer collect, epistle, and gospel still match the traditional Roman Rite, so here are the Anglican Missal propers. Mass: Mine eyes are ever looking unto the Lord.
  • The Latin propers.
  • Happy St. Joseph's Day, I believe pre-empted in the 1962 Missal. Great stepfather and often unsung hero.
  • Why the ordinariate? Of course I love the ordinariates; brother Anglo-Catholic alumni promoting real Catholicism (commonly called conservative or orthodox Catholicism) in classic English. Certainly there can be an English Catholicism (echoing Anglo-Catholic N.P. Williams' idea of a Northern Catholicism) like Polish, Italian, etc., but I think Fr. Tomlinson is overstating it in this case. For one thing, as Msgr. Edwin Barnes has mentioned, in England the English, Anglican things such as the Book of Common Prayer were Protestant things used against Anglo-Catholics, who largely were would-be Catholics, Anglo-Papalists. So my impression is the British ordinariate is really the Pastoral Provision with more clout; good, conservative, married Novus Ordo priests. The old BCP means something different to American A-C alumni; like the Tridentine Mass for cradle Catholics, it was part of their big no to the Sixties. So the American ordinariate is a little different culturally.

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