Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore and more

  • Happy feast of St. Thomas Aquinas: Catholics don't have to use scholasticism or Latin for that matter (Eastern Catholics, Byzantine and other, are only about 2% of Catholics but are generations-old real communities, unlike Western Rite Orthodox) but from the five "proofs" of God's existence on down he is the greatest theologian, giving our doctrine a convincing voice. Yet he stopped writing after a mystical experience. Ora pro nobis.
  • What's so bad about globalism. As far as I can tell, globalism is a scheme concocted by the rich to destroy the working and middle classes through worldwide financial imperialism. I have a strong hunch that globalism is also a plot hatched to obliterate indigenous cultures and real human differences under the deceptive ruses of “multiculturalism” and “diversity.”
  • 10 things American liberals used to say.
  • Tee-vee land.
    • "I HATE spunk!" Kathy Shaidle on Mary Tyler Moore. "An incandescent performer," sexy when young and when fashion happened to be flattering ("Laura Petrie"), and admirably not a lockstep liberal in real life: ...a lifelong Republican (except for a lapse campaigning for Carter) — a Fox News fan and “libertarian centrist.” An ancestral connection led her to help fund the renovation of Stonewall Jackson’s headquarters. ... In fact, Moore told PBS in 2013 that she’d been a reluctant symbol of women’s liberation and “did not believe in [feminist Gloria] Steinem’s view that women owe it to themselves to have a career.” Further: ...she’d also endured tragedies and troubles — alcoholism, diabetes — without becoming a public nuisance. But, surprise, surprise, the mild women's-lib message of her most famous show, eponymous with her full name, was fake: She made a show about how single career women could still have fulfilling lives, with the help of the powerful TV executive she was married to. Media execs were selling girls a bill of goods.
    • Six horrifying things about living in a sitcom's world.
    • Watching early most mornings: "77 Sunset Strip." Noir lite; fairly entertaining, unrealistic private-eye stories. A style showcase: '58 and '59 cars from Ford; pointers on hats, suits, ties, and décor; light pop music; pretty women in the flattering fashions then (Mary Tyler Moore's in at least one episode); and Kookie parroting hipster talk as comic relief.


  1. 77 sunset strip: Miami Vice did something similar for re-botted art decco & agressively modern fashions tied to some first rate modern music to set the mood of the series. The plots were rather thin and characterization fairly shallow, but the early years of that series set a mood that reminded me of film noir, sorta. E.g., in one episode there was a long night time driving-down-the-highway scene with no dialog to one of Phil Collin's tunes. Still, my favorite (as you know) is Crime Story. Too bad it didn't last more than 2 seasons. Darned near perfect "film noir" TV series.

  2. Mary Tyler Moore: alcohol and diabetes? Particularly bad combination.

  3. Decades ago I read something about how she was brought up Catholic, but rejected the Faith. I can't remember the details, though.

    1. I read on Wikipedia that she was brought up Catholic.


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