Thursday, March 09, 2017

Religious ramble

After Mass this morning, my priest told me that I am not supposed to kneel when receiving the Blessed Sacrament. Is this a requirement? Or is this a suggestion? I would like to know because kneeling seems more reverent.
I don't make a scene at the new Mass if they stand for Communion (I did 30 years ago, kneeling); I've received that way exactly once since I've been back in the church (five years). I go to the priest, not the Eucharistic minister, bow before receiving, and receive on the tongue as usual. My parish by registration and by choice uses the altar rail again. Of course I receive standing in the Byzantine Rite, which I go to once a month.

A reason I like where I am now ecclesiastically is everything religious I do, including Byzantine Rite things such as having an icon corner and crossing myself that way and saying those prayers in front of it, is only for Jesus, not to make a statement against somebody else. Believe it or not, I don't stay up late thinking of ways to cut down the Orthodox, and I'm sure many devout Orthodox mirror that. The people at the hearts and centers of their churches are often closer to God and to each other than the fringe people fighting each other.

That said, someone online was quoting ancient rules from Constantinople about bishops not interfering in other dioceses, to try to discredit the Catholic Church. I don't care how clever or well-researched your argument is; the reality of Western Catholicism for 2,000 years touches my heart. Turn my back on St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis, and St. Teresa? I'd sooner cut off my right arm. Constantinople is now the ottoman (ha) of the sons of Mohammed. Byzantine culture is great but it's not the whole church, and don't try the Western Rite Orthodox argument. That's all converts, unlike generations-old Eastern Catholic communities. Name the countries and villages in Western Europe that have been Western Rite Orthodox for 400 years like Ukrainian Galicia has been Catholic again.

Everything that's not doctrine is negotiable. A more collegial/synodal/decentralized form of governance? Sure! Because travel and thus communication used to be so difficult, by default that's how Western Catholicism really worked. I don't jump when the Pope coughs; that's not how it works.

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  1. "Believe it or not, I don't stay up late thinking of ways to cut down the Orthodox"

    I believe you. No need at all to stay up late. It comes easily.


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