Friday, April 21, 2017

Online vs. real American Eastern Christianity

The Web version of American Eastern Christianity: Eastern Orthodoxy is getting more "diverse," a Good Thing™, with converts by the parishload, happy all-American young families, lots of prayer ropes and saying the Jesus Prayer, and every parishioner having a spiritual father. And not Catholic; "we're a completely different faith." Byzantine Catholics, likewise "diverse," are semi-closeted Eastern Orthodox, angsty because they're torn between two churches like being in the middle of a divorce. "Praxis! Phronema! We're not like those loser traditionalists and their Latin Mass! Don't force your Latin doctrines on us!"

More like the reality on both sides: ethnic Catholics, most of them estranged from us (in schism); nationalistic/ethnocentric; losing the kids and grandkids like crazy to assimilation. It usually fails in three generations. Small and getting smaller.


  1. I was once told by an AOC Orthodox parish priest who was an ex-Episcopalian priest, that prayer ropes aren't recommended for lay persons. It's really for monastics. Also some reservations re: praying the Jesus Prayer, or rather praying the Jesus Prayer in the manner that monastics pray it. The chotki after all is not a rosary and the rosary more properly can be viewed as a layman's breviary even though clerics and religious pray the rosary in addition to lay folks.


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