Monday, July 01, 2019

Cardinal Newman

What an intellect and of course an inspiration for Anglo-Catholic alumni, although pre-conversion he like his colleagues wasn't wannabe Roman liturgically. The soul of English moderation while sound as a pound on our doctrine. Misunderstood, maybe a sign he was on the right track. Too conservative for the Anglicans (he could have predicted how they ended up); too liberal for the ultramontanists and their caricature of Catholicism so some Catholics didn't trust him. I've been to Littlemore, to the room where he made his confession so he was received into the church.

My late rector, a Londoner born in the 1920s, always reminded me of him even though alas no conversion (even though he was traditional Roman to the nines ceremonially).

To know history is to cease to be Protestant. We became Catholic when we realized we weren't.

Ora pro nobis.

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  1. The old Anglo-Catholic and Anglo-Papalist (in a way the opposite of A-Cism even though it's a lookalike; actually being what people thought A-Cs were, working against Anglicanism) stronghold of the Diocese of London now has a woman bishop.

    Well, chaps, we had a good run. To the church we go!

    Or as the priest said to the servers in the sacristy after Mass in my old A-P parish, "Thank you, gentlemen."


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