Monday, August 05, 2019

Why all the mass shootings

A wise friend:
In the aftermath of this latest flurry of mass shootings, we'll hear lots of pontificating about guns and racism. But we'll hear little to nothing about the real problem, which is the increasing alienation of young men in our society. This has been evident since Columbine. A perfect storm of broken families, social and economic powerlessness, lack of masculine influence, social media, and the decline of religious faith has disposed today's young men to extreme ideological fantasies. None of this can be fixed overnight, but until we recognize and confront these issues directly, expect things to get much worse.


  1. Perhaps you have left out one other important cause for all of this:

    The elimination of Judeo-Christian ethics as the de-factor national religion of this country. Note, I am not referring to an official state religion, but the religion of our national culture. Poof! It is not gone effectively from whole parts of our mass culture, especially the MSM, the entertainment industry, and our political system . . . and our school systems.

  2. bullshit. lax laws and the dissipation of police powers and the agenda to kiss African American ass because so many people are afraid of them, especially spineless politicians


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