Wednesday, October 30, 2019

My impressions of the Amazon Synod

Taking a deep breath and saying prayers, my impressions of the Amazon Synod. Yes, the wrong people, heretical Germans, are behind it, using Amazon natives as a cover/excuse. But it's like Pope Francis' other flirtations with apostasy, okaying adulterous second marriages (giving the couple Communion) and condemning the death penalty: they come close to the line but don't cross it. Private letters aren't magisterial and he didn't say the death penalty is a sin. His opinions probably aren't Catholic. They don't matter. Our doctrine does. Strictly speaking, the only thing wrong with the synod, as far as I know, is the proposal to have lady deacons. In Ordinatio Sacerdotalis, we've said that women's ordination is impossible. Let's look at the other proposals, again as far as I know. Ordaining the married as priests: we're already doing that with the Eastern rites and ex-Anglicans. Ordaining half-educated men just to say Mass: we've done that before. Amazonian Rite: the church has already written a new service, the Novus Ordo. Lady lectors and acolytes: not the sacrament of orders. Inculturation is fine. It's only a problem if a service really is goddess worship, for example. Prove it is. Don't forget Cardinal Müller's negative reaction to the statues of Pachamama in church, apparently for veneration. Also noteworthy: Regina Magazine has said on Facebook it doesn't recognize Francis as Pope; they claim impropriety at the conclave invalidated it. They don't have the authority to say that but I'm glad they're not making excuses for him. Somebody in authority would have to prove it.


  1. Amazon Synod:

    1. I expecteded the Synod to be about those primal peoples of the Amazon. The "Indians" I have seen on TV, youtube, and various articles don't look at all primal. Rather modern looking people in appearance! So what gives with this ******?

    2. The Synod itself--Assisi II on steroids

    3. I get an almost sardonic kick at watching layfolks of various stripes, i.e., the Professional Catholics in particular, excommunicate clerics and each other and make . . . ahem! ahem! ahem! . . . "Papal" pronouncements on whether or not Pope Francis is a valid Pope, etc. Acting like a bunch of Protties when we don't need to inflict on our Protestant brethren--our separated brethren--our Catholic trash talkers. LOL

    The real issue in the short term is this IMHO. There is NO PROTOCOL for removing a Pope who is behaving badly. None whatsoever. The old saw about a Pope vacating his Office through heresy is at best a theologumenon (attributable to theoretical musing of St. Robert Belarmine?). Canon Law to the best of my knowledge does not provide for this possibility. So what happens next? We will just have to suffer through "him." After all, he's an old man and won't live forever. Let God handle it. After all, the matter way beyond our collective pay grades!

    1. It's heretical, Modernist, Germans including Austrians from dead European Catholic churches trying to use the few unevangelized Amazon natives as an excuse to turn us into liberal Protestants, I guess so we can go out of business too. I wonder if they're on the take from George Soros. Good thing the church is indefectible. If not for our doctrine, I would have blown this popcorn stand for Shasta Abbey's Buddhism. Again, I'm happy the many sound Professional Catholics, including the Stevenses at Regina with whom I've not gotten along, partly my fault, a personality clash, know better than to make excuses for Francis. Respected churchmen from Cardinal Müller to Fr. Mitch Pacwa are sounding the warning: this is as bad as it looks; a crisis. My guess is the world won't know until decades after Francis is gone if he was really Pope. But it doesn't affect us, like the three papal claimants didn't affect medieval Catholics. Knowledgeable Catholics know to keep going to Mass, saying their prayers, and reading the old catechisms. It's about our doctrine, not the Pope's person. He's not the Episcopal Church's General Convention nor the Mormon Prophet. He can't change the teachings. His office exists to defend our doctrine; it's part of the church.

  2. Apropos of this, John XXIII, Benedict XVI and Francis

  3. My main problem with the Amazon show is the placing of the Pacha Mama inside the Vatican in close proximity to St
    Peter's tomb.The First Commandment is the first for a reason and imo this is an egregious violation of it.


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