Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Bait-and-switch, the end of the Peace of Benedict XVI, and why I won't go to the Novus Ordo

Something I hate about the Catholic Church is the big bait-and-switch that's on now. They create the old religion in all its power and beauty, over generations, take it away for 40 years, then give it back to you, and THEN the current management takes it away from you AGAIN and tells you how stupid and sinful you are for liking it, let alone liking it better than the now-mandatory new worship service.

During what I've dubbed the Peace of Benedict XVI I had ZERO problem co-existing with the Novus Ordo in the accurate English he ordered. Now that Jorge Bergoglio has ended that peace, weaponizing the N.O. against the traditional Latin Mass, stating the intent to eventually abolish the TLM, I won't go to the Novus Ordo. It's still a Mass but hostile.

As the Z-Man wrote earlier this week on "professional Christians," churchians, trying to please their "progressive" masters in the larger Western society, "Their Christianity is just part of the sales pitch they use to convince Christian people to embrace secular morality." The Bergoglians' supposed Catholicism is just part of the sales pitch — re-education classes by the Novus Ordo — they use to convince traditional Catholics, like other conservative Christians still believers in the gospel and the creeds, not in Rahner, to embrace secular morality, wokeness, Christianity's daughter religion and replacement among the Western elite, Christian ethics minus Christian faith.

Ever notice that the Novus Ordo uses icons when it's trying to look serious?

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