Tuesday, December 20, 2022

In the Catholic split, what might happen next?

Suppose Jorge Bergoglio appoints Heiner Wilmer the Catholic Church's doctrine boss. (By the way, nobody can really change Catholic doctrine, not even the Pope.) And/or makes James Martin a cardinal. What next in that church's rebranding and attempted remaking?

My guesses: you'll see same-sex union blessings, coyly not called matrimony, like that fools anyone, and women deacons to get people used to women doing priestly things, same game as with Eucharistic ministers. Same playbook as the mainstream Anglicans — the Church of England does the blessings-not-weddings bit. There'll be explanations that, see, it's not matrimony, and no, they're not priests, it's a completely different ministry, and we pinky-swear we won't have women priests, so it's all okay, and the neocon Bergoglians will buy it, telling traditionalists they've forfeited their identity, they're not Catholic anymore, for not obeying.

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