Friday, December 16, 2022

Loyalist truth from Quora

Don't believe the narrative about the American Revolution. God save the King. Excerpts:
Scene: a country pub in an English village, circa 1774. William buys two pints at the bar, then walks over and puts them down on a table where Tom is seated, and sits down beside him.

Hey Tom, have you heard the news?
No, what news, William?
The authorities are planning to treat us as harshly as they treat the American colonists!
Those bastards! What are they going to do exactly?
Well, first they're going to cut our taxes by 90%.
How dare th- wait, what?
Yes! The Americans only pay one tenth as much tax as us, and the Government are going to cut our taxes down to the same level!
Um, well, that doesn't sound so bad...
It gets worse! They plan to stop us stealing land from the natives! ... But that's not all. They plan to tax us without representation!
What does that even mean? They've always taxed us.
Yes, but they won't allow us to vote for Parliament.
But we don't vote for Parliament now. I don't own forty shillings of freehold property, and neither do you. But we still pay taxes.
Yes but... um... they're going to let the French carry on being Catholics! ... There are French people in Canada too, you know. They're the ones the Americans are bothered by.
Anything else?
Er, there's talk of abolishing slavery?

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