Monday, December 19, 2022

No clericalism here

I just wanted to add in the midst of the Bergoglian schism and accompanying resumed ban on the traditional Latin Mass, which many bishops are NOT vigorouly implementing but Bergoglio clearly wants that Mass gone, that in my 11 years so far back in the Catholic Church my expectations of priests have been realistically low and I've kept my distance from them. As Fr. George Rutler says, we're sacerdotalists, sacramentalists; clericalism is a caricature of the church. And on the ground, in real life, the priests I've dealt with as a communicant and penitent, all in the official church, have been and still are fine. With the only one I have disagreements with, it's "nothing personal"; cordial. I'm not a malcontent, just outraged by the ugly ecclesiastical situation as reported online.

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