Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Roman Catholic schism watch: conservative vs. conservative

Something spiritually very weird and wicked is going on, bigger than anyone. Not only the breakup of the Catholic community as conservative vs. liberal, the Pope a heretic — I understand conservative Catholics' shock at what they consider unthinkable, but conservatives splitting from each other. People I didn't expect are against Frank Pavone, for example. For this and other reasons there are conservative Catholics I can't talk to anymore, at least about their particular hot-button issues. Safer simply not to talk. The devil doesn't want believers to unite online, a strength of the traditionalist movement besides its youth and fertility, for example.

As far as I know, the only "wrong" Pavone did wasn't: he doesn't buy into the Bergoglians' politics and has said so in salty Noo Yawk language; "blasphemy."

Through the years my only complaint about Pavone was I thought he was a Johnny-one-note on abortion, toeing the GOP line otherwise such as about foreign wars not actually for national defense, for example in Iraq. This is an obvious persecution and purge. Bergoglio is trying not only to rebrand Catholicism but really remake it; don't be surprised if he makes James Martin a cardinal. "Backward, rigid" youth — 80-year-olds are telling kids what's hip — and "embarrassing" pro-life crusaders are being thrown under the bus.

By the way there's a fake seamless garment, much like the woke faith is fake Christianity; one that tries to hide the embarrassing teaching against abortion behind socially acceptable causes such as appearing to care about the poor, Cardinal Bernardin's game. But there's a true one. For example, Fr. Feeney's reaction to bombing Nagasaki, not a flag-waving pro-war one.

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