Thursday, December 08, 2022

SSPX head Fr. Pagliarani about “Traditionis Custodes”

The first two paragraphs are really about the Eucharist generally, not just the traditional Latin Mass (TLM).
"After fifty years, the various elements that confirm the answer have become obvious to all well informed Catholics: the Tridentine Mass expresses and conveys a conception of Christian life – and consequently, a conception of the Catholic Church – that is absolutely incompatible with the ecclesiology that emerged from the Second Vatican Council."
I am from an Anglican background, which is why I know and love classic liturgical worship. Catholic Anglicanism, better known as Anglo-Catholicism, fell in love with and imitated the traditional Latin Mass (TLM). So I don't understand this. Why are so many Romans, from the church that invented traditional Western worship services, saying that my love of traditional worship is incompatible with saying that ***because the true church "subsists in" the Catholic Church, non-Catholics acting in good faith can be saved***, and with ***devolving some authority from the Pope back to the bishops***, the apostles of their local churches, the dioceses? How do putting a table in front of the altar for the priest to "face the people" and having hymns with guitars promote those things? Especially as it's the Pope who's ramming these latest changes down some people's throats. It's as barmy as saying to someone "you were born in July so you're not allowed to celebrate Christmas." What?
"The problem is not simply liturgical, aesthetic or purely technical. The problem is simultaneously doctrinal, moral, spiritual, ecclesiological and liturgical. In a nutshell, it is a problem that affects all aspects of the Church’s life, without exception. It is a question of faith."
This seems as nutty as Cavadini, Healy, and Weinandy claiming that "active participation" of the laity in worship is doctrine so TLMers are heretics: that Mass is "doctrinally unacceptable." But they also admitted that one can actively participate in the TLM as many now do - nobody needed the changes in the text and ceremonial.
"On one side is the Mass of All Times. It is the standard of a Church that defies the world and is certain of victory, for its battle is nothing less that the continuation of the battle that Our Blessed Lord waged to destroy sin and to destroy the kingdom of Satan. ... On the other side stands the Mass of Paul VI. It is an authentic expression of a Church that wants to live in harmony with the world and that lends an ear to the world’s demands..."
Okay; now we're talking. That's why Modernists hate this Mass; they want the beige church of "play nice" and "don't make waves," mistaken for Christian humility and charity. I agree that's why, except this Mass isn't the only one "of all times." I go to an Eastern one. By the way, Modernism is believing that there is no truth or the truth is unknowable so doctrine is only provisional thus changeable.

Then again there's Cardinal Zuppi of Bologna, a liberal who doesn't hate traditional worship, very modern Anglican of him. As rare in the Roman Church as public singing of the office.

P.S. I don't call it the Tridentine Mass because it fuels the Modernists' claim that this Mass is only 400 years old. Peter Kwasniewski in Rorate Caeli: "They can’t even get right a basic fact like how old the content of the 1962 Missal actually is. They say '400 years,' when it is easily 800, 1200, or 1600, depending on which layer you are speaking of. And again, this is readily available information." Besides, if you're pronouncing it the American way, "TRID-in-teen," people think you're saying "Trinitarian."

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