Monday, December 12, 2022

The Roman Church and the almighty dollar: unmitigated gall and spiritual abuse in New Mexico

Earlier I went over the Roman Catholic gaslighting game. My faith has never been about the Pope's person. I thought Catholicism was beliefs about God, his revelation of himself, namely Jesus, confirmed by councils of bishops, the Pope's office only being part of that package — church infallibility, which the Anglicans and other Protestants got wrong by denying. And rites, such as the Latin Church's traditional Roman one, beautiful services and customs that gradually developed over generations, mostly in the Middle Ages but some going back to antiquity, some even immemorial. Sonorous chant in Latin, the old international language of unity. Flickering candle flames. Puffs of incense smoke from a thurible on clanking chains. The rustle of rich vestments as the priests on earth plead the God-man's self-sacrifice for the quick and the dead. The mystery of transubstantiation and suchlike, marked by the dramatic shaking of bells in sanctuaries that were serious, grown-up, "hard" places where men offer sacrifice. The image of Christ's body on the cross, in churches that teach he is really present in Communion. The religion that some 19th-century Anglicans fell in love with all over again. Yes, the old liturgical movement's ideal more than most parishes' practice, but even the short Low Mass, popular because many don't like any church service, has got the goods. In addition to all that, but optional, the lives and legends of the saints and mystical private spiritual messages to some holy people. That community burned itself down starting in the mid-1960s. Now, in the service of the New World Order, its own Pope and bishops SHAME you for falling for that popish, Romish nonsense, detestable enormities. Grow up and get with the program, people!

We are living through a schism. Dan Brown on a roll couldn't make this stuff up.

Now this:
Here in the Archdiocese of New Mexico [Santa Fe, ironically, meaning Holy Faith]... we who love the old mass are invisible. Our mass is invisible. Our celebrant is invisible. Our servers are invisible. Our worshippers are invisible. We were kicked out of our first church to a much more out-of-the-way mission. In Archbishop Wester’s diocese, we are personae non gratae, but still come to mass and donate substantial fungible dollars. Only those are visible to the Archbishop, who never stops clamoring for more of them to pay the legal bills and awards for the sinful behavior of clerics under his watch.
That's right. A church, bishops, who otherwise want to deny you exist, for the high crime of falling in love with their own old/former beliefs and former culture, people who otherwise wish you were dead if they can't guilt/"convert" you, and are literally bankrupt, are daring to ask you for money.

In a way that's always been part of their game: "We're your FAMILY — give money to your family." Yes, I know a church needs money to run it; it's even in scripture. Anyway, for this purpose, that pesky, embarrassing one-true-church claim sure comes in handy. No matter how much you abuse the people, ideally they'll keep coming to church for more, and most important, keep on giving.

Anyway, as if that weren't bad enough, it's to pay for the costs rung up by this church's now-infamous molester priests.

I don't think I need to tell you what to think or do about that; it's fairly self-evident.

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  1. I live within the canonical territory of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. I am no fan of Apb. Wester, but the clerical sexual abuse scandals within the Archdiocese did not occur under his watch. Rather they occurred under the late Archbishops Robert Sanchez, Archbishop James Peter Davis, et. al. I don't care for Apb. Wester's liberalism, but I can't blame him for the sexual abuse disaster here.


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